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I would like to import a module, use a function of that module and get a warning message every time the event that triggers the warning happens, not just the first time.

For example if I do (within ipython):

import scipy as sp
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
x = sp.linspace(0,10)

I get the following warning:

/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/numpy/core/numeric.py:320: ComplexWarning: Casting complex values to real discards the imaginary part return array(a, dtype, copy=False, order=order)

however, if I do


again, I don't get a warning message. As I said above, I would like to receive a warning message every time, not just the first time.

Thanks in advance.

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I figured it out. Add

import warnings 

before calling

plt.plot(x, 1j*x)
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