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I've been reading Checking for nil in view in Ruby on Rails but I'm struggling to implement the marked solution.

I want to only load a graph in my View if a result set is not nil.


  @statistics = # ...my ActiveRecord query...


 def show_stats(statistics)
     if statistics.pluck(:count)
       image_tag(Gchart.line :size => '640x260',
         :stacked => false,
         :title => '',
         :data => [statistics.pluck(:count)],
         :legend => ['Stats'],
         :bar_colors => ['3300CC', '3399FF'],
         :axis_with_labels => ['y'])

View (HAML):

= show_stats(@statistics)

Currently when there are no statistics, I get an error. I want the View to not render the graph if there are no statistics. What am I doing wrong in the helper?


undefined method `-' for nil:NilClass

on the line where I call the helper.

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if i understand correctly statistics.pluck(:count) will always return an array consisting of values of count attribute for each record found.

in ruby empty array evaluates to true, you might try to rewrite that if line like this:

if statistics.pluck(:count).any?

in fact it's good idea to cache that value and not fetch it from db again few lines below:

if (counts = statistics.pluck(:count)).any?
  :data => [counts]

also i assume :data option wants array of values and not array of array of values so the final version would be:

if (counts = statistics.pluck(:count)).any?
  :data => counts

P.S. if you still have an error - please share a full backtrace with us, knowing only "undefined method" doesn't tell much

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Why not check for @statistics in your view like follows:

= show_stats(@statistics) if @statistics
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if @statistics was nil the error would be undefined method `pluck' – keymone Aug 4 '13 at 17:13

Did you try this?

= show_stats(@statistics) unless @statistics.nil?
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