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I'd like to build a custom admin action into a model defined by Django. Let's say I wanted to add the action "Activate selected User(s)" on django.contrib.auth.models.User in the Django admin interface. What would be the clean and proper way to accomplish this?

I had a look at the documentation but it's just about implementing admin actions in custom models if I looked correctly.

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I doubt this is possible without hacking at Django core, but I'd be interested to be proved wrong. – Dominic Rodger Nov 26 '09 at 16:27
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thanks for clearing this up! is there a way I could have gotten hold of this information by myself? I searched the docs for unregister but found nothing. – jnns Nov 26 '09 at 16:58
Best way is to read the source (django.contrib.admin.sites in this case). I don't know how official or stable it is, though (but it's kind of logical to have unregister when there's register). – Cat Plus Plus Nov 26 '09 at 17:13

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