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Modern UI seems resource View xaml directly, and Prism MVVM Unity DI use containers and DI viewmodels. Is there anyway these two can be merged? So the application can be MVVM and using ModernUI looks at the same time.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Sample of Modern UI main window xaml mark up.

    <mui:LinkGroup DisplayName="welcome">
            <mui:Link DisplayName="home" Source="/Pages/Home.xaml" />
    <mui:LinkGroup DisplayName="settings" GroupName="settings">
            <mui:Link DisplayName="software" Source="/Pages/Settings.xaml" />

Sample of Prism MVVM Unity DI main window xaml mark up.

<DockPanel Dock="Top">
    <ContentControl prism:RegionManager.RegionName="{x:Static constants:RegionNames.ContentRegion}" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch"  VerticalAlignment="Stretch"/>
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