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I'm using the latest subsonic dll and the latest linq templates from github. The db i'm inserting into is MySQL. Id column on table is primary key auto increment.

Versions: Subsonic.Core.dll - - (November 18, 2009 Merged pulls from Github).

LinqTemplates - July 29, 2009.

MySQL.Data.CF.dll -

The row is inserted but the id is returned as 0.

Example of the insert:

mysqldb db = new mysqldb.mysqldbDB();
int ID = db.Insert.Into<db.myTable>(
    r => r.message,
    r => r.name,
    r => r.status).Values(

Am I doing something wrong? Shouldn't the new id be returned, not zero?

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Found the bug in subsonic core.

It's in Subsonic.Core.Query.Insert.cs

The Execute method does not have a condition for id's returned that are of type long.

I've rewritten the method in my local version to:

    public int Execute()
        int returner = 0;

        object result = _provider.ExecuteScalar(GetCommand());
        if(result != null)
            if(result.GetType() == typeof(decimal))
                returner = Convert.ToInt32(result);
            else if (result.GetType() == typeof(int))
                returner = Convert.ToInt32(result);
            else if (result.GetType() == typeof(long))
                returner = Convert.ToInt32(result);
                returner = Convert.ToInt32(result);
        return returner;

I've changed the multiple if statements to else if's and added the type comparison of long. Also I've added the final else condition which does a convert to int. Not sure if that's such a good idea but it works for me.

If someone wants to update the source great. If i find time sometime soon i'll update it myself.

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Don't forget to report the bug ;) –  Thomas Levesque Nov 28 '09 at 1:08

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