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I use Google Chrome and its developer tools like 'Inspect element' to check performance of my web pages. I know that its Developer tool 'Console' can be used to execute JavaScript.

I was just saving my one interested web page on my Delicious web account and I noticed that all that information it needs goes through JavaScript, So I just tried to put that code on my JS Console so that I can see the whole background process, but it failed. Can anyone please tell me how should I work with it, because I know this can be done.

The things I am seeing When I clicked the bookmark

The code you will need to save as your bookmark

javascript:(function(e,t)%7Bvar n=e.document;setTimeout(function()%7Bfunction a(e)%7Bif(e.data==="destroy_bookmarklet")%7Bvar r=n.getElementById(t);if(r)%7Bn.body.removeChild(r);r=null%7D%7D%7Dvar t="DELI_bookmarklet_iframe",r=n.getElementById(t);if(r)%7Breturn%7Dvar i="https://delicious.com/save?",s=n.createElement("iframe");s.id=t;s.src=i+"url="+encodeURIComponent(e.location.href)+"&title="+encodeURIComponent(n.title)+"&note="+encodeURIComponent(""+(e.getSelection?e.getSelection():n.getSelection?n.getSelection():n.selection.createRange().text))+"&v=1.1";s.style.position="fixed";s.style.top="0";s.style.left="0";s.style.height="100%25";s.style.width="100%25";s.style.zIndex="16777270";s.style.border="none";s.style.visibility="hidden";s.onload=function(){this.style.visibility="visible"};n.body.appendChild(s);var o=e.addEventListener?"addEventListener":"attachEvent";var u=o=="attachEvent"?"onmessage":"message";e[o](u,a,false)},1)})(window)

Details: I've an account on delicious.com which provides me a service to save my interested web links. for example If I am visiting a Stackoverflow question page and I like the question I just need to click on the bookmark(I've provided you the URL above), I am wondering how it fetches its parent page and saves it in their database, How it can be done using just javascript, I always noticed bookmarks with only web addresses but this one contains javascript code, Can anyone please tell me how it works, Thanks

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What you tried to execute is a JavaScript pseudo-scheme. Note the javascript: part at the beginning. Doesn't it sound familiar with other schemes like http:, https:, ftp:?

It would be executed in the URL, not in the Console. In other words, you use JavaScript pseudo-scheme to execute a piece of JavaScript code, in the address bar of the browser.

To execute it in Console, you have to do two things:

  1. Remove javascript: scheme
  2. Because it's supposed to be executed in the URL, it's URL encoded. You have to decode it first. See that %7B? It represents {. Console won't recognize it, till it's decoded to the original character.
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Note that the javascript: isn't hurting anything in the console, because it's treated as a label (though it is totally unnecessary). The URL encoding, as you say, is definitely causing the breakage. –  apsillers Aug 3 '13 at 10:52

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