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I have a series of divs, with the following classes: dots-1, dots-2, dots-3, dots-4 Only ".dots-1" is visible when the page opens; the other 3 divs are hidden. You have to click a button on each div in order to reveal the next div - i.e. On dots-1, you click on button-1, which closes dots-1 and opens dots-2. On dots-2, you click on button-2, which closes dots-2 and opens dots-3.

<div class="dots-1">
    Text 1
    <a class="button-1">Go to 2</a>

<div class="dots-2">
    Text 2
    <a class="button-1">Go to 3</a>

<div class="dots-3">
    Text 3
    <a class="button-1">Go to 4</a>

<div class="dots-4">
    Text 4
    <a class="button-1">End</a>

    .dots-2, .dots-3, .dots-4{display:none;}

Is there a quick, compact way to write the jQuery code that closes each div and opens the next div, when each button is clicked?

Otherwise, I would write out a long jQuery code saying: When button-1 is clicked, close dots-1 and open dots-2. When button-2 is clicked, close dots-2 and open dots-3.


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Show us the relevant HTML and we can better advise how to use the nature of your HTML structure to make a single generic solution. – jfriend00 Aug 5 '13 at 0:12
I would wrap them all in another div and set have only 1 of them with an enabled class or something of the kind. The script will find the parent div's next sibling (if any) and display it. Then, you do not have to change your CSS and you can use only 1 selector. – MasterAM Aug 5 '13 at 0:29
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Try this:

$( "a[class^='button']" ).click(function () {

You can also check the jsFiddle

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