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I am using cygwin and I am trying to set up an .ssh/config file. Cygwin's folder is in my C: drive. My Home directory is C:\Users\USER. I have noticed that when I edit C:\Users\USER.ssh\config, cygwin does not even notice it (even though it notices the other files I have in my USER folder, i.e. .bashrc). But it does notice the config file if I put it in C:\cygwin64\home\USER.ssh\config.

Is there a way to get cygwin to read the .ssh folder in my USER home directory instead?

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Make sure your home directory setup in /etc/passwd matches /home/ Often it is not set at all (second to last field in the ':' delimited line. Then you'll need to restart your cygwin session (exit the terminal, and restart)

That should fix your problem.

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