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I am attempting to extract from a zip file into a directory onto my desktop. However, upon extraction I receive an error stating that my parameter cannot be null. Here is my full error- http://pastebin.com/ukz17rbH. System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory(String path) is the full method which is being called, even though I myself am not directly calling it. The parameter seems to be "null". Here is my code-

FastZip fz = new FastZip();
fz.ExtractZip("C:\\Users\\" + set.userName + "\\Desktop\\minecraft.zip", "C:\\Users\\" + set.userName + "\\Desktop\\Mod", null);

Do not confuse the null in the ExtractZip method with the one I am receiving the error with. The zip extracts, but not fully. It is my belief that there is some sort of weird file within the zip causing problems. EDIT[I am correct, the file was called aux.class, which is a reserved filename in Windows- anybody know a way around this????] If any of you play minecraft, try to extract the .jar file (As that is what I am attempting to extract- and for obvious reasons, I cannot post the jar, as that would be illegal). See what happens with you, and if it works, I would appreciate some help. Thank you.

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OK, there's some sort of error because the jar file contains a file named aux.class, which is apparently a reserved filename for Windows. Help? –  TheUnrealMegashark Aug 6 '13 at 19:43

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