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I'm really confused about a variable scope issue with a file required via a path in a config file. Why does my Mongoose schema method "see" the required objects when called from within the model file but not when called from my app.js file? I'm convinced that I must be doing something obviously wrong but I can't see it.

The Node project has the following (simplified) structure:


This is config.js:

config = {};

config.test = 'test';
config.models = __dirname + '/models';

module.exports = config;

This is story.js:

var config = require('../config.js');
var models = require(config.models);

var foo = {};
foo.bar = 'baz';

var storySchema = mongoose.Schema
    author: {type: mongoose.Schema.Types.ObjectId},
    root: {type: mongoose.Schema.Types.ObjectId, default: null}

storySchema.methods.test = function()

var Story = exports.model = mongoose.model('story', storySchema);

When I create a new Story in app.js and call its test() method, I get this output:

baz (so I know it's seeing objects in the same file)

test (so I know it's seeing variables in the config file)

{} (this "should" log my models object but it logs an empty object, why?)

When I create a new Story object within the story.js file, and run it (node ./models.story.js) the values returned are as expected (the models object is logged rather than an empty object).

Update, here are the index.js and app.js files:


module.exports = {
    post: require('./post'),
    story: require('./story')


var config = require('./config');
var models = require(config.models);
var story = new models.story.model();
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I believe the issue is that you've created a circular dependency. Story executes require(config.models) which requires Story again inside index.js.

Rather than storing a string and requireing it everywhere, try storing the models directly in config.models:


module.exports = {
  test: 'test',
  models: require(__dirname + '/models')
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This results in similar but different unexpected behavior. If I make your changes and change the require calls in app.js and story.js, I now get baz, undefined, undefined if I call the method from app.js and baz, test... followed by expected results (a dump of my models object). Now even more perplexed. Totally different behavior depending on where the object is created. Now, apparently it can see config.js if the object is created in story.js but not if it's created in app.js. –  dan_paul Aug 5 '13 at 2:45

In case anyone runs into this same issue, I wanted to point to a couple resources I came across that helped me resolve the issue. As ssafejava pointed out, the problem does have to do with circular dependency (although ssafejava's solution did not entirely resolve the issue) . What worked for me was designing this dependency out of my application but there are other options if doing so is not possible. See the following issues' comments for a better explanation (in particular, see 'isaacs' comments):



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