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For the code:

enum A {

fn test_vector(){
    let test_vec = ~[Foo, Bar, Baz(~"asdf")];

    for x in test_vec.iter() {
        match x {
            &Foo   => true,
            &Bar   => true,
            &Baz(x) => x == ~"asdf"

I get the following error:

stackoverflow.rs:15:13: 15:19 error: cannot move out of dereference of & pointer
stackoverflow.rs:15             &Baz(x) => x == ~"asdf"
error: aborting due to previous error

If I change the string to an int it compiles fine.

My questions is: How do I access the contents of an owned pointer in an enum in a for loop? Is there an alternate iterator I should be using?

The version of Rust i'm using is compiled from master.

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I'm not near my computer, and 0.7 fails to install on this laptop, but I think you should try &Baz(ref x). –  Ramon Snir Aug 5 '13 at 5:48

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Variables in match cases are moved by default. You are not allowed to move x, because everything in loop is immutable. To get a reference to x str you need to use ref keyword:

&Baz(ref x) => *x == ~"asdf"
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Note that "asdf" == *x or x.as_slice() == "asdf" will be more efficient, since they don't have the allocation. (The fact that it isn't possible to just write *x == "asdf" is regarded as a bug.) –  huon-dbaupp Aug 7 '13 at 7:02

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