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Language : C Environment : bare-metal

This program have many sub-modules. I hope in the functions of each sub-module can't not be visible/used by other sub-modules except that the functions are the API functions. If the sub-modules only contains single file, the simplest way is using static function except the API functions. However, how is that work for multi-functions sub-modules?

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If you're asking whether you can have multiple static functions in each linkable object module, the answer is yes. If that is not the root of your question, you may want to consider rewording it to better drive the problem you're trying to solve. –  WhozCraig Aug 5 '13 at 2:31

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If talking C a module is a translation unit is a file. Concluding from this backward there are no modules consisting of more then one file in C.

So to answer your question: You cannot have a static function being made accessable by more then one file.

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