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This question replaces a previous one I posted a few days ago. I have rewritten my code, removing HTML5 Canvas altogether.

I am struggling to get jQueryRotate to work with IE. My code works in Firefox and IE9 but getting a

'parentNode' is null or not an object - in IE8.


XHair, yHair position the crosshairs, and the rest of the code in the mousemove function calculates the angle of the gun.

    xGPos    = xHair/4+280;
    yGPos    = yHair/4+200;
    difx     = xHair-(190+xGPos);
    dify     = yHair -(185+ yGPos); 
    radians  = Math.atan2(dify,difx);
    //rotation = radians+2.36; //rotation in radians
    rotation = (((radians*180)/Math.PI)+135); //rotation in degrees

On jsFiddle the code works if either of the $gun.rotate lines are commented out

    function shotGun(){
    $gun.css('margin-left', xHair/4+280);
    $gun.css('margin-top', yHair/4+200);
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