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hello everyone i was looking around and trying to find a way to make a sort of text based multiplayer game only using html5 css and javascript the thing is i cant find a way to have updating text that when one user changes text it would update to all users so they can see it for example i want to create the game apples to apples so one person is the judje and each other person get 7 cards and they pick one card to send to the judge then that person picks the one that best suits the descriptive card so i know how to make randomeizers and that but i need it to where when it picks the judge it will change that persons "cliant" page to the judges page and all other users page would have 7 randome "cardsthat they can send to the judge so basicaly i need a way to link all the players pages togeather and have them update acording to inputs

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If you want different clients to communicate with each other, you'll need a server to handle the synchronization! Socket.io running on Node.js is a good way to do it. Read more about it here: http://socket.io/

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