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I want to transfer my application from one account to another account, When i click on manage application i was unable to view the 'Transfer application' option.When i search in google it says you need to be a Team Agent in order to view that option. Can anyone help me out what does Team agent mean and how i need to be a team agent.

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It could be that this option is not enable yet after the downtime. Check the status page. –  Rob van der Veer Aug 5 '13 at 6:09

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From App Distribution Guide > Managing Your Team:

A team agent is legally responsible for the team and acts as the primary contact with Apple. The team agent can invite team members and change the access level of any other team member. There is only one team agent.

The Team Agent is the person who accepts license agreements on behalf of your development team. If you are using a 'Individual' Apple Developer account, then you are the team agent, however if you are using a 'Company' Apple Developer account, then you would only be the Team Agent if you either were the one who purchased the account or specifically had the Team Agent rights transferred to you via an Apple Developer Support incident.

You can identify who the Team Agent is for your team by logging into the Member Center and selecting the 'People' Tab. The person who has 'Agent' next to their name is the Team Agent and is the only person on that team that can begin or accept App Transfer requests:

enter image description here

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