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Hi i have a django project and i need to run a cron job from terminal

below is my code

 import os
import sys

os.environ.setdefault("DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE", "noHitter.settings")

    cursor = connection.cursor()
    query="SELECT age FROM  `Player_myplayer`"
    rows = cursor.fetchall()

when i try to run this on terminal i got the following error

 Could not import settings 'noHitter.settings'

please suggest where i am doing mistake

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The easy approach of achieving this would be creating a custom management task, then adding it to the crontab, e.g.

crontab -e

0 5 * * * ~/path/to/python ~/path/to/ <command_name>

Another, more complex way would be to setup a script with the required environment variables, see this example.

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