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I have columns that contain empty spaces with the data:
example:| fish | how can I update the column so my result will be : |Fish| ?
in oracle I can trim the column:

update Example set column1 = trim(column1)

I google it and i notice that ASE doesnt supoort trim.

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You can use combine of rtrim and ltrim

update Example set column1 = rtrim(ltrim(column1))

or str_replace

update Example set column1 = str_replace(column1,' ','')
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I found that str_replace(column1, ' ', '') does not actually replace the spaces.

Switching the '' for null works:

create table Example (column1 varchar(15))
insert into Example (column1) values ('| fish |')
select * from Example
-- produces "| fish |"

update Example set column1 = str_replace(column1, ' ', null)
select * from Example
-- produces "|fish|"

drop table Example
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