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I need to initialize an array of objects in PHP. Presently I have the following code:

$comment = array();

And when i am adding an element to the array

public function addComment($c){

Here, $c is an object of class Comment.

But when I try to access an functions of that class using $comment, I get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function getCommentString() on a non-object

Can anyone tell me how to initialize an array of objects in php?

Thanks Sharmi

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You can't access the variable $this->comment by calling $comment. – William Nov 26 '09 at 19:23
$this->comment = array();
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not if the initialization is happening outside of the constructor – Madbreaks Dec 4 '13 at 1:17

Looks like a scope problem to me.

If $comments is a member of a class, calling $comments inside a function of that class will not actually use the member, but rather use an instance of $comments belonging to the scope of the function.

If other words, if you are trying to use a class member, do $this->comments, not just $comments.

class foo
    private $bar;

    function add_to_bar($param)
        // Adds to a $bar that exists solely inside this
        // add_to_bar() function.
        $bar[] = $param;

        // Adds to a $bar variable that belongs to the
        // class, not just the add_to_bar() function.
        $this->bar[] = $param;
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This code might help you:

$comments = array();
$comments[] = new ObjectName(); // adds first object to the array
$comments[] = new ObjectName(); // adds second object to the array

// To access the objects you need to use the index of the array
// So you can do this:
echo $comments[0]->getCommentString(); // first object
echo $comments[1]->getCommentString(); // second object

// or loop through them
foreach ($comments as $comment) {
    echo $comment->getCommentString();

I think your problem is either how you are adding the objects to the array (what is $this->comment referencing to?) or you may be trying to call ->getCommentString() on the array and not on the actual objects in the array.

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You can see what's in the array by passing it to print_r():


Presuming you have Comment objects in there, you should be able to reference them with $comment[0]->getCommentString().

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