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I use this custom class EAActionSheetPicker for creating and displaying action sheet with picker for date and the second one for time.

The screen below is storyboard for this view:

enter image description here

So it is simple - when I click on End Date button it should display me Action Sheet with date picker. Analogically when I tap on Time button it should display picker with just time but it displays picker with date (same as End Date). But the strange thing happens in EAActionSheetPickers delegate method: EAActionSheetPicker:didDismissWithSelection:inTextField:textField - I determine whether picker is in date or time mode and is log me the proper value for each one (code below).

- (IBAction)endDateSelectionButton:(UIButton *)sender
    // Initialization of custom date picker
    self.endDatePicker = [[EAActionSheetPicker alloc] initWithDatePickerMode:UIDatePickerModeDate];

    // Setting style for action sheet
    [self.endDatePicker setActionSheetStyle:UIActionSheetStyleBlackOpaque];

    // Setting data mode for picker to be only date without time
    [self.endDatePicker setDateMode:UIDatePickerModeDate];

    // Uncomment this if you ever want a title
    // [self.endDatePicker setTitle:@"Choose end date"];

    self.endDatePicker.delegate = self;

    // Showing in superview because of the tab bar controller
    [self.endDatePicker showInView:[self.view superview]];

// Something doesn't work with time mode
- (IBAction)timeSelectionButton:(UIButton *)sender
    self.timePicker = [[EAActionSheetPicker alloc] initWithDatePickerMode:UIDatePickerModeTime];
    [self.timePicker setActionSheetStyle:UIActionSheetStyleBlackOpaque];
    [self.timePicker setDateMode:UIDatePickerModeTime];

    self.timePicker.delegate = self;
    [self.timePicker showInView:[self.view superview]];

// Delegates method for getting picked date
- (void)EAActionSheetPicker:(EAActionSheetPicker *)actionSheet didDismissWithSelection:(id)selection inTextField:(UITextField *)textField
    // Determining if action sheet date mode is date or time for new project options
    if (actionSheet.dateMode == UIDatePickerModeDate) {
        // Init date formatter for changing the date output for database
        NSDateFormatter *formatter = [[NSDateFormatter alloc] init];
        // Setting data format to be: day-month-year
        [formatter setDateFormat:@"dd-MM-yyyy"];
        NSString *endDate = [formatter stringFromDate:selection];
        self.endDate = selection;

        // Setting button title to display selected date
        [self.endDateButton setTitle:endDate forState:UIControlStateNormal];
    } else if (actionSheet.dateMode == UIDatePickerModeTime) {
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I found the bug in EAActionStyleSheet original code and chenge it to be correct for myself.

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