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I am a newbie to AngularJS. I am trying to develop a single page application in salesforce CRM plarform. I wanted to load the dependencies on demand i.e., only when the user click a particular link. I have also achieved this by using

The above link has examples for directives alone. I have added services and filter in the same route configuration file.

function registerServices(service) {    
  if(service) {
    if (!$provide){ throw new Error("Error: $setProvide is not set!"); }
    $provide.value(service[0], service[1]);
  } else {
    $provide.value = null; 

I'm registering a service like the above and it can be used as,

service = ['serviceName', function(){
   return {
     a: 1, b:2

Everything is working great, But my doubt is, how to inject the dependencies such $q, $rootScope, etc in the above code.

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I don't know about lazy loading but, if lazy loading work then the standard method of injection may work

service = ['serviceName', '$rootScope','$q', function($rootScope, $q){
   return {
     a: 1, b:2
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I have a solution for this problem, I am not sure whether the way is proper.


var controller = function($scope, customService){
   $ = "hello world";
   customService($q, $rootScope).then(function(data){ 
      /*Received data can be manipulated*/ 


'use strict';
define(function () {
    return ['customService', function($q, $rootScope){
        var deferred = $q.defer();
        /*Your code*/
        return deferred.promise;
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