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Im trying to save some images to azure blob storage and there are 2 method to get reference of a blob GetBlobReference and GetBlobreferenceFromServer but I could not find the difference between the two.

Is There any difference between the two?

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There're a few differences:

  1. GetBlobReference is in the older version of storage client library (Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient) while GetBlobReferenceFromServer is in the newer version of the storage client library (Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage.Blob).
  2. More importantly, GetBlobReference just gives you a reference to the blob. It won't tell you the type of the blob (Block or Page) where as GetBlobReferenceFromServer will tell you the blob type or in other words GetBlobReference will not make a round trip to the server where as GetBlobReferenceFromServer will.
  3. Because GetBlobReferenceFromServer method makes a server roundtrip, the blob must be present in the storage. If you invoke this method on a non-existing blob, the method will throw an error.
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