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I have to execute following mysql command via bash scripting:

drop table $tablename \; | mysql -uusername -ppassword $dbname

This command is executed a lot of times, but the problem is that $tablename can be dropped before the command is run. And when it is dropped already, I get following message on my command prompt:

ERROR 1051 (42S02) at line 1: Unknown table 'tablename'
database table tablename, not found

Is there a way to filter this error message out so I don't get spammed with this?

EDIT: And is there a similar workaround like IF EXISTS for when creating tables? For preventing getting the following Table already exists.

Ok, it's IF NOT EXISTS thanks

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Add if exists:

 drop table if exists $tablename

From the documentation:

Use IF EXISTS to prevent an error from occurring for tables that do not exist. A NOTE is generated for each nonexistent table when using IF EXISTS.

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If you look at the DROP TABLE syntax, you'll see that there's a IF EXISTS clause that's designed to deal with the fact that the table might not exist.

As such, using...

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS $tablename \; | mysql -uusername -ppassword $dbname

...will resolve this issue.

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I also discoverd that ... 2>/dev/null can be used. Which will write the output to /dev/null, and outputs nothing on the command prompt...

drop table $tablename \; | mysql -uusername -ppassword $dbname 2>/dev/null

/dev/null is called the black hole

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