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I compile Perl 5.10 rpm with Filter-decrypt: perl.spec:

/bin/sh Configure -des -Doptimize="$RPM_OPT_FLAGS" \
-Dstatic_ext='Filter/decrypt' \

(or other Module which should be statically compiled with perl).

My function is compled in perl exec:

# grep Filter__decrypt /usr/bin/perl
Binary file /usr/bin/perl matches

and it not compiled to separate module *.a not to /usr/lib64/perl5/CORE/libperl.so

Then I compile mod_perl, I have file libperl.so which has such link:

grep boot_Filter__decrypt /etc/httpd/modules/libperl.so
Binary file /etc/httpd/modules/libperl.so matches

When I start apache it fail with error: Cannot load /etc/httpd/modules/libperl.so into server: /etc/httd/modules/libperl.so: undefined symbol: boot_Filter__decrypt

It is possible compile separate .a module for my statics and make it avialable in perl and mod_perl? Which options I should pass to configure during perl compiling? Or may be it should be configured in mod_perl?

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