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I recently added a new devices for testing. I used Ad-hoc distribution to install the *.ipa's on the devices. But this does not work with the new added device.

Interesstingly I do not have any distribution - provisioning profiles on developer.apple.com, just one development profile, which worked until now fine. On my Organizer I could find an provisioning profile. Could be that Xcode and developer.apple.com are not in sync...

How do I get the Ad-hoc distribution working with my new (and old) devices?

Update: Solved. Had the wrong provisioning profile choosen. As all profiles had the same name.

What I did (On Apple Developer Center > Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles > iOS Apps):

  1. Added the UDID for the new device on Devices
  2. On Provisioning Profiles:
    1. Edited my development-profile and added the new device to the list of devices
    2. Generated the new provisioning profile
  3. Downloaded the provisioning profile and installed it in Xcode. (Just double-click and it was imported to the Organizer into Tab Devices
  4. Created a new *.ipa file with the correct provisioning profile
  5. Install it on the new device. // works now
  6. Installing on the old device works fine.
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Solved. I had choosen the wrong profile, because all my profiles have the same name. Lessons learned, name the profile different. –  jerik Aug 5 '13 at 12:21

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