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I am trying to build an app using Django & Heroku. I am following the steps found in this tutorial: https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/django

Here are my steps:

mkdir hellodjango && cd hellodjango
virtualenv venv --distribute
source venv/bin/activate
pip install django-toolbelt
django-admin.py startproject hellodjango .

I am then asked to create a so-called "Procfile":

web: gunicorn hellodjango.wsgi

And have it "live at the root of the directory of my project". How do I do this (please excuse me if this seems a very straightforward problematic; I am new to all things programming and am finding the learning curve quite steep).

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You should create file with the name Procfile and simply paste web: gunicorn hellodjango.wsgi there.

So, for example, your git repository located here: /Users/admin/git/hellodjango/. Then, you need to place Procfile right in this directory.

cd /Users/admin/git/hellodjango/
touch Procfile

And open it with any text editor and paste web: gunicorn hellodjango.wsgi.

After you commit and push your changes to Heroku cloud, it will automatically detect application type declarated in Procfile and run it.

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