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How can I produce a 'filtered' version of an XSD (ie minus certain elements) as part of a Maven build?

An API I'm working on has it's model defined by an XSD, which is turned into Java classes by XJC. I want to have annotations appear in the generated classes, and should be able to do this via the JAXB2 Basics Annotate plugin.

We may need to provide a copy of the XSD to integration partners as a definition of the API. We would not want them seeing the elements of the XSD relating to Java annotations, so it would be good if we could produce a new version of the XSD with each build that has all the annotate elements removed.

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Turns out there's an easier solution - use an external bindings file to apply new rules to the existing XSD. – EngineerBetter Aug 5 '13 at 14:59
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An XSD is still an XML file. You could use an XSLT to create a version specific to your needs. The maven xml plugin can do this as part of the build.

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