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I have SSRS report with few tables (tablix control) inside. Tables are independent (but uses the same datasouce with different filters) and goes one after another in the report:

Report header

In case some table contains 0 rows I hide it.
What i need to do is to show each table on separate page.

For this I set page break to "End" for each table except last one. So each table is show on separate page.

Here is an issue: In case last table contains no data it's hidden but previous table inserts page break and I get report with last page blank. Please let me know how can I fix the issue so I don't have blank pages and each tablix is located on separate page (tables with no rows should be hidden).

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Remove the page break the penultimate table. In the last table, put page break before the table, if any value. –  PookPook Aug 6 '13 at 11:52
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