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Lets say I have a DataFrame like following.

      A      B
0    text1   200
1    text2   200
2    text1   400
3    text2   500
4    text1   300
5    text1   600
6    text2   300

I want to print following output

     A             B
0    text1,text2   200
2    text1         400
3    text2         500
4    text1,text2   300
5    text1         600

There is no order,I just want to take text labels of column "A" for matching values in column "B". This has to be done with df.groupby as I know. Any way no success with my efforts yet. Hope you get my question.

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You can nearly do this with a plain ol' sum:

In [11]: df.groupby('B').sum()
200  text1text2
300  text1text2
400       text1
500       text2
600       text1

You could use an aggregate with a join:

In [12]: df.groupby('B').agg(lambda x: ', '.join(x.values))
200  text1, text2
300  text1, text2
400         text1
500         text2
600         text1
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As always your answers are short sweet and elegant..:) Thanks worked perfectly. –  Nilani Algiriyage Aug 5 '13 at 11:19
Also, nearly a transform: df.groupby('B').transform(', '.join) (which would have been more elegant)... Glad it helped! –  Andy Hayden Aug 5 '13 at 11:26

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