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I am planing to make a script which load a log file and get info from it, and after that it just export it to databse, in general it looks easy but i have problem beause log file update every few seconds so how i keep my data updated in databse in same time as log file updates?

Main problems:

  1. I have to reload log file always becuase it update as well
  2. My script should not timeout or have keep restarting very often

I was thinking about using CRON but i am pretty sure my hosting provider will be not happy if i tell him i want some CRON sript run every few sec

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Just a thought, would it not be easier to change whatever creates the log to write it to the database? Maybe if you specified which log file you were talking about. – RiggsFolly Aug 5 '13 at 11:06

No possible to do it realtime because cronjobs have a minimum of 1 minute...

yes but you can tweak a deamon that sleeps for couble of seconds, but yes i dont know how big your log file is maybe with multiinsert it's possible to insert the complete data in seconds

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