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we are using standard FB "like" plugin on our site: http://clip2net.com/s/5vMnrT

Every so often when I click the like button via chrome-driver to see FB authorization dialog the like button disappears. Manually I can't reproduce it. It disappears every second time :(

My code is :

in_frame(:class =>"fb_ltr") do |frame|
    button(:fb_btn, :css => "#facebook div.pluginButton.pluginButtonSmall.pluginButtonInline.pluginConnectButtonDisconnected button" , :frame => frame)

fb_btn_element.when_present.click # fire_event("click") doesn't work either

I want to pay attention that it works sometimes in chrome, but doesn't work in FF 22(it disappears all the time)

Does anyone face this issue?



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