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Using AngularJS, I have two controllers that share the same service in my application. When I fire an event that's controlled by the portalController function (see setLang()), I don't see the model of applicationController being updated.

This problem seems to appear only with Firefox and Chrome. In IE8 it is unexpectedly working fine.


(function () {
'use strict';

var controllers = angular.module('portal.controllers');

controllers.controller('portalController', function portalController($scope, UserService, NavigationService, $translate) {
    $scope.User = UserService.getUserinfo();

    $scope.setLang = function (langKey) {
        var domain = document.domain;
        if (domain.indexOf(Constants.context_acc) != -1 || domain.indexOf(Constants.context_prd) != -1 || domain.indexOf(Constants.context_tst) != -1) {
            domain = "." + domain;
            $.cookie(Constants.cookie_locale, langKey, {path:"/", domain:domain});
        } else {
            $.cookie(Constants.cookie_locale, langKey, {path:"/"});

    $scope.logout = function () {


//mainController.$inject = ['$scope','UserInfo'];



(function () {
'use strict';

var controllers = angular.module('portal.controllers');

controllers.controller('applicationController', function ($scope, UserService) {
    $scope.ESS = UserService.getUserApplications(Constants.key_ESS);
    $scope.SVF = UserService.getUserApplications(Constants.key_SVF);
    $scope.MED = UserService.getUserApplications(Constants.key_MED);

The shared UserService

UserService.prototype.getUserApplications = function(entity){
    var locale = this.getUserinfoLocale();
        return this.userApplications.query({locale: locale, entity: entity});


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can you create a jsfiddle? – zsong Aug 5 '13 at 13:31
here's the link to the fiddle: – J.Pip Aug 7 '13 at 7:26
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The problem was that I was using $scope instead of $rootScope,
the data gets updated through the first controller in the service but there's nothing that informs the second controller of this change:

code in the first controller that notifies $rootScope of a change

$scope.setLang = function(locale){
        $ = sharedService.getData(locale);

code in the second controller watching for change

    $rootScope.$watch('data', function(newValue) {
        $ = newValue;

below is a link to the 'wrong' fiddle and one that works for when somebody else also has this problem:

wrong one:
working one:

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