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I have created a simple test containing two test cases:


def test_will_pass():

def test_will_fail():
    assert False

In the command-line I can use nosetests to just run the second test case.

The problem is that I have not found a way to create a run configuration in Eclipse PyDev that achieves the same behavior. When I create a Python unittest configuration that uses the Nose test runner, and pass as argument, it will first run this test case, and then run the entire test, resulting in test_will_fail being executed twice.

Is this a bug, or is there any way to create such a run configuration?

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Currently PyDev only supports filtering with Ctrl+F9 things inside a class (with the unittest structure).

Please create a feature request at:

Note: the work to be done in PyDev is guided through votes in the tracker and pull requests.

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