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I use Dropzone.js and I want it to upload the dropped not automatically but when the user clicks a button. So I set the autoProcessQueue option to false. When the button is clicked the processQueue() method is called. I would suppose that now the full queue is processed. But thats not the case. Only the number of files which is specified in the parallelUploads option will be uploaded. The standard value of parallelUploads seems to be 2. Which every click 2 files are processed and uploaded.

Do I have to set parallelUploads to an very high number, for now to solve this?

Here's my full JS code:

var myDropzone = new Dropzone("div#myId", {
  url: "http://www.torrentplease.com/dropzone.php",
  addRemoveLinks: true,
  thumbnailWidth: "80",
  thumbnailHeight: "80",
  dictCancelUpload: "Cancel",
  autoProcessQueue: false

myDropzone.on("drop", function(event) {
  $('.edit_tooltip .option_bar').animate({
    opacity: 1,
    top: "-5"

$('.edit_tooltip .option_bar .button').click(function() {
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This is because parallelUploads defaults to 2 if not set in your options. –  mcometa Dec 15 '13 at 9:05

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Add parallelUploads: 10(This is your max no)

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Thank you very much! I spent half a day on solving this problem, and finally your answer helps me. –  Artur Keyan Mar 27 at 20:44

There's a simple way to solve this which can be found here:


"If you want autoProcessQueue to be true after the first upload, then just listen to the processing event, and set this.options.autoProcessQueue = true; inside."

So just add

this.on("processing", function() {
    this.options.autoProcessQueue = true;
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i've answered a similar question kindly check it, i hope it helps you

dropzonejs multifile upload not working as expected

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I think that you can allow uploadMultiple and change dropzone.js file.

First, allow uploadMultiple Next, change this line code into dropzone.js:

return this.processFiles(queuedFiles.slice(0, parallelUploads - processingLength));


return this.processFiles(queuedFiles.slice(0, queuedFiles.length));

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This solved it for me, without changing any dropzone.js code or voiding the parallelUploads setting.


  function tryQueue(){
    var numQueued=dz.getQueuedFiles().length;
    var numFiles=numQueued+dz.getUploadingFiles().length;
    else window.location='/'; //redirect when finished

This assumes that dz is the dropzone instance. It works by invoking processQueue until all have been uploaded. The logic in processQueue takes care of returning if nothing needs to be done so no harm in the polling.

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