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Here's my code:

    Runtime re = Runtime.getRuntime();
    BufferedReader output = null;    

    		Process cmd = re.exec("java -jar myProg.jar " + myArgument); 
    		output =  new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(cmd.getInputStream()));

    catch (Exception e){

   String line;
   while ((line = output.readLine()) != null)
    //process line

When debugging this code snippet, I find that when reading each line from output, it skips certain lines.

If i run this myProg.jar from command line, the text that's seen on my command line is not 100% the same as what I get when I process the output from inside my java program!

What could cause this? The output is all text.

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This doesn't answer your question directly, but instead of using a separate process, have you considered loading the class using a ClassLoader:… - it might make things easier for you as you don't have to go via a command line - you can communicate with objects. – Mark Byers Nov 26 '09 at 22:45

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You only appear to be reading standard out, whereas you may be getting output on standard error as well. I would read both.

Note that you need to read both streams concurrently, to avoid blocking. See this answer for more details.

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Why would output be just randomly come out of standard error? doesnt' make sense to me. It's not an error, it's an output. – Saobi Nov 27 '09 at 1:46

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