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How can I add a description to a Cloud Endpoint method?

Just by observation I figured out the API explorer uses the methods docstring for the description.

enter image description here

In some cases we use decorators which prevent the doscring beeing parsed properly from the API explorer.

Code example:

@endpoints.method(ScoreRequestMessage, ScoreResponseMessage,
                  path='scores', http_method='POST',
def scores_insert(self, request):
    Exposes an API endpoint to insert a score for the current user.

    entity = Score.put_from_message(request)
    return entity.to_message()              

Is there a way to provide an endpoint method description for the API explorer?

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If your problem is taht the docstring is lost after applying decorators, you should use the decorator functools.wraps inside your decorator. In that way you will preserve the function name and the docstring.

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