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I'm trying to grep -R an exact version of apache.
I leave the include and the manuals, because its not necessary to change.
This is the command I'm using:

grep -R 2.2.24 * | grep -v manual | grep -v include | cut -d':' -f 1

I would like to know how to find one result per file?

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Consider adding -F to the first grep line, as . has a special meaning in regular expressions (it will match any character). -F will interpret the pattern as a simple string, with no special pattern-matching characteristics. –  cdhowie Aug 5 '13 at 14:46

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The cut in your command suggests that you're looking to list files matching the specified string.

find . ! -path "*/manual/*" ! -path "*/include/*" -type f -exec grep -Fl 2.2.24 {} \;

should work for you.

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