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I have a large Visual Studio 2012 Solution with about 15 Projects inside. I would really like to disable debugging symbol generation for a few of these Projects; the rest should allow debugging. All of this is related to the Debug configuration.

I'm having a terrible time making this happen. The only mention of Zi in my pro files looks like this:

# Get rid of debug information

But when I load the Solution file, Property Pages -> C/C++ -> All Options -> Debug Information Format, the Program Database (/Zi) option is still displayed. I also removed any mention of Zi in the mkspecs and qmake.conf (even though the above -= lines should have removed it).

So I opened the qmake source code (every file under qmake/generators/win32), and I see that there doesn't seem to be a way to turn off debug symbols; only the absence of a -Zi should prevent it from showing up.

If I set a project to <inherit from parent or project defaults> manually, the Zi option shows up again. Which leads me to believe it's being inherited... but from where?!

I'm losing my mind. Please help.


Apparently, the inherited properties comes from the Microsoft.Cpp.* property sheets. Follow the instructions in that link for finding the property sheets inherited by your project, and you can modify them to get rid of the -Zi flag.

It sure would be nice to have a flag that forces None for the Debug Information Format. Anyone know what that might be?


Third idea: try to change the default location of the inherited property sheets to somewhere I can control.

The Windows environment variable $(UserRootDir) specifies the location of the inherited property sheets. MSBUILD allegedly allows you to change the value of this variable with the /property command line argument. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to get qmake to accept the argument. Is there any way to set input arguments to the qmake MAKEFILE_GENERATOR builder?

This quest is starting to feel like a wild goose chase. If CMD had sed abilities, I'd just write a script to change the <DebugInformationFormat> inside the vcxproj file and be done.

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I submitted QTBUG-32885 for that 2 months ago, but it hasn't been fixed yet.

For now you can patch your qmake as described in the ticket.

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