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I have the following example dataset:


I need to use a logarithmic y scale. The MWE looks as follows:


Cc <- ggplot(test, aes(x=Sample, y=NRQ, fill=Zeitpunkt, ymin=NRQ-SD, ymax=NRQ+SD)) 
Cc <- Cc + geom_bar(stat="identity", position="dodge") 
Cc <- Cc + scale_y_log10(breaks=c(0.01,0.1,1,10,100), limits=c(0.00001,200))
Cc <- Cc + annotation_logticks(base = 10, sides="l")
Cc <- Cc + guides(fill = guide_legend(keywidth = 0.6, keyheight = 0.6))
Cc <- Cc + geom_errorbar(linetype=1, size=0.5, width=0, position=position_dodge(0.9))

Which should produce error bars. But it doesn't:

enter image description here

What we've found so far is:

  1. The error occurs if the error value is larger than the mean value (in this example 0.02288218 < 0.02693519.
  2. It also occurs if the errorbars are hitting the limits of the plot.

The dodge command is included because we need it for the actual plot containing more data, so it would be nice to have it included. Is there a way to plot the error bars in this kind of plot?

Many thanks!

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