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I am new to scripting and R.

In the Windows cmd.exe I can perform an NSLOOKUP on a domain by:

nslookup www.google.com

I have a dataset of domain names that I would like to verify as valid or invalid as part of my grouping process in R. Is there a way to do NSLOOKUP in base R or one of the packages?

Edit1: I made some alterations to loop through 3 domains using the system call suggested. The call works, however the output will not save directly into a vector (line 7 below). How would I need to rework this line so that I can capture the output?

domains <- c('www.google.com','www.badtestdomainnotvalid.com','www.yahoo.com')
dns <- vector()
dnsreturn <-vector()
for(i in 1:length(domains)){
  dns[i] <- paste('nslookup ',domains[i],sep='')
  dnsreturn[i] <- system(dns[i],intern=TRUE)}
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If nothing else you could do

system("nslookup www.google.com", intern=TRUE)

In response to your edit:

domains = c('www.google.com','www.badtestdomainnotvalid.com','www.yahoo.com')
sapply(domains, function(x) system(paste("nslookup", x), intern=TRUE))

This will return a list of vectors, you can manipulate as you see fit beyond that

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THat worked for a single line, I'm editing my question to include altering your solution to save the output from making the system call back into a vector or frame. –  Connie Marie Aug 5 '13 at 15:48
@ConnieMarie Note that Geoff didn't initialize his objects like you're doing in the question. It's a good idea to preallocate a vector if it's going to get really big, but you need to specify the length or it doesn't do you any good. It's an even better idea to use the apply family of functions like Geoff does above. –  Matt Parker Aug 5 '13 at 19:31

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