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My Facebook app (iframe / fluid / Fluid) shows a horizontal scrollbar. All attempts to remove it have failed.

I've tried all the solutions posted here, regarding FB.setAutoGrow(), FB.setSize(), etc... with no luck, but I found something interesting:

The scrollbars that appear are not related to my application, but related to the commercials at the side. enter image description here

In the image you can see what I'm talking about:

  • To the left is a portion of my Iframe App. While the Iframe has been correctly resized (I've checked with Firebug - right) and their sizes are all right, there's that horizontal scrollbar at the bottom that affects the whole facebook window (not just my iframe).

  • The highlighted item on Firebug is what causes the horizontal scrollbar. They don't belong to the pagelet div (the div where the iframe resides): It's part of the carousel of recommended games to the right ! (and its width is > 5000 pixels).

  • When I first launch my app, there are no scrollbars fora little time interval, like 500ms, then they suddenly appear.

  • FB.Canvas.setSize , FB.Canvas.setAutoGrow seem to work, if I invoke them manually, they do resize the iframe, etc. but they don't remove the scrollbar.

  • I have body:overflow=hidden.

  • (may be related?) My app uses itself another iframe, width and height 100%, that is where the action takes place. That other iframe also has overflow=hidden.

  • This has traditionally worked. I stopped paying attention to Facebook for a couple months, then I saw this yesterday :(

What can be happening? My guess is somehow Facebook thinks my app needs horizontal scrolling, removes overflow-x:hidden in the main body in order to allow it, but this intererferes with their carousel that expects a hidden overflow... I don't know if this problem is at all my fault or a Facebook Bug.

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I'm having the same issue. –  Jacob Robinson Aug 8 '13 at 4:54
Hi Jacob! I've filed a bug in Facebook, if you want, you can upvote it on the developer site to see if it catches any attention. Regards! developers.facebook.com/bugs/425296877590512 –  rupps Aug 8 '13 at 13:57

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Fortunately, this bug has been solved by Facebook. Everything is working now.

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