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I know how to specify the release keystore in an Android Maven build but haven't had luck doing the same with a debug build.

The release build methodology can be found here -

When making debug builds, the android-maven-plugin's sign->debug configuration must be true, and the release configuration must be false, but when debug is set to true, the configuration of the maven-jarsigner-plugin seems to be ignored.

When using (android-maven-plugin):


And specifying a key (maven-jarsigner-plugin):


The build will default to using the debug.keystore in my .android directory. If I delete/rename the debug.keystore there, it just creates the new one.

The reason I'd like to specify the debug.keystore is I'm working on a team of several people and we're using Google Maps v2. Having one access token in the Maps v2 API instead of one per team member is our desire.



My current workaround is to package a script with my repo to replace their debug.keystore:

cp -r someFolder/debug.keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore
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