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I have the action called dashboard in the Users controller. It's something like this:

   def dashboard
      @data = @user.datas.includes(:user).includes(:images)
      render 'datas/show'

and I am getting error undefined method 'user' for #ActiveRecord::Relation:0x007fc702d34868> on this line:

= render 'users/header', :user => @data.user

How is that possible? In the @data variable is everything what's needed...

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Your @data variable contains several records, use = render 'users/header', :user => @data.first.user instead or even, you already have it, the variable @user (also the @variables are shared between controller's action, view and associated partials, so you should not have to pass the variable @user or @data to this partial) –  MrYoshiji Aug 5 '13 at 15:47
@MrYoshiji - I know some folks answer questions in comments, but it's usually in the case of almost trivial answers. I'm curious why you chose not to use the "answer" mechanism in this case. –  Peter Alfvin Aug 5 '13 at 15:57
@PeterAlfvin because I'm too lazy to "format" a nice answer. A comment does not need bold, indentation or examples. I try with first a comment and if the Asker wants further infos, I post an answer –  MrYoshiji Aug 5 '13 at 16:00
@user984621 did my answer help? –  MrYoshiji Jan 15 at 16:46

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Your problem is that you are calling an instance method on a list of objects.

@data = @user.datas.includes(:user).includes(:images)

This is actually an array of Data objects belonging to the user's instance @user.

To solve this, you can get the first element of the list and get its user:

= render 'users/header', :user => @data.first.user

But you should know that all the @variables are shared between the controller's action, the view and the invoked partials. With this in mind, you will notice that you can simply do the following:

# in datas/show.html.haml
= render 'users/header'

# in users/_header.html.haml
# you can use the @user variable as your wishes
= @user
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