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As written in the elasticSearch documentation here, it's possible to define a new analysis for an index (I tried and it worked fine).

I was wondering if it was possible to perform the same thing with NEST?

I tried this:

IndexSettings ndxSettings = ElasticClient.GetIndexSettings("myindex").Settings; 
ndxSettings.Analysis.Analyzers.Add("snbowball", new SnowballAnalyzer());
var r = ElasticClient.UpdateSettings("myindex", ndxSettings);

No error but nothing has changed.

When I try to see if the analyser has been added:

var getResponse = ElasticClient.GetIndexSettings("myindex");

getResponse.Settings.Analysis.Analyzers contains nothing.

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You're doing the right thing, but analysis settings currently aren't on the UpdateWhiteList in NEST:


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Why did I not look at it earlier? Thanks! ;-) –  MaxS - Betclic Aug 31 '13 at 15:37

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