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Ok I need to select an ordered set of data from one table and insert into a single entry in another table within a stored procedure. Basically I need an ordered Transpose.

Current method - select the data in a cursor and then create a string for the insert concatenating the data in a string. Then executing that insert string. Problem is the strings (s) have ' and " in them which is causing the execute to fail.

Here is the select - SELECT IDA,s FROM A ORDER BY val desc limit 3;

Now I need to put that in a row in B...

Table A 
IDA - int
val- int
s- string

Table B
IDB - int
IDA1 - int
sA1 - string;
IDA2 - int
sA2 - string;
IDA3 - int
sA3 - string

Thanks in advance.

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Show your code, please. –  DevlshOne Aug 5 '13 at 15:54
Previous method didn't work so I have scrapped that code. It is just how would you put the top 3 (val) rows into a single insert in Table B? –  vbbartlett Aug 5 '13 at 16:19

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With the information provided, this example can help:

SET @mystring := 'abc\'def"ghi"';
SELECT CONCAT('INSERT INTO tablab (sA1) values (\'', REPLACE(@mystring, X'27', CONCAT('\\', X'27')), '\');');


INSERT INTO tablab (sA1) values ('abc\'def"ghi"');
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