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I'm thinking about using DejaVu font to create a [Ruby-like][1] font for CJK scripts.

However I'm not sure, does DejaVu provide/support CJK glyphs? Otherwise is there another reusable free/open font you recommend?

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The wiki Plan page talk about reusing others work :

CJK - best would be to reuse others work

The status document about language coverage indicate that's there is no glyph for CJK:

ja Japanese (0/6537) (0/6537) (0/6537)
ko Korean (0/2443) (0/2443) (0/2443)
zh-cn Chinese (simplified) 0% (2/6765) 0% (2/6765) 0% (2/6765)
zh-hk Chinese Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set (0/2213) (0/2213) (0/2213)
zh-mo Chinese in Macau (0/2213) (0/2213) (0/2213)
zh-sg Chinese in Singapore 0% (2/6765) 0% (2/6765) 0% (2/6765)
zh-tw Chinese (traditional) (0/13063) (0/13063) (0/13063)


The Droid font has support for CJK and is under Apache License

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DejaVu doesn't support but Google-droid font supports.
In RPM you can install like this:

# yum search google-droid
# yum install -y google-droid-*-fonts
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