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I'm using Socket.IO for a NodeJS web application. The page is served on SSL and my connection looks like this:

var socket = io.connect('/');

This works on pretty much any browser except IE9. On IE9 (in Windows 7), I get this error in the console:

SEC7111: HTTPS security is compromised by https://app.mysite.com/socket.io/1/htmlfile/m9Zjap56uyEbx4eptg27?t=1375727354386 

The socket never connects. The type of SSL is SNI and the page that is running the code is on the same sub-domain. For example: https://app.mysite.com/project/show/12345

I've also tried the following, but it made no difference:

var socket = io.connect('/', { secure: true });

Any ideas how I can make it work on IE9?

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What transports are you using? I know IE9 has trouble with true websockets so falling back to something like flashsockets might work for you. Try something like this:

io.set('transports', [
   , 'flashsocket'
   , 'htmlfile'
   , 'xhr-polling'
   , 'jsonp-polling'

Ideally IE9 would fail with websockets and then succeed with flashsockets (Port 10843 and should count as secure).

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I was hopeful, but this did not resolve the issue. I also made sure flash was installed, but that did not help. Thanks anyways –  bendytree Aug 6 '13 at 13:07

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