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I ve a container

<div id="contenitore" class="connectedSortable"></div>

whit this Jq code

$( "#contenitore" ).sortable({
update: function(event, ui){
connectWith: ".connectedSortable"

and an other div like

<div class="element-container"></div>

whit this Jq code for handle some dragging event

  cursor: "move", cursorAt: { top: 20, left: 20 },
  drag: function(event, ui) {
  stop: function(event, ui) {

so all sims work fine,but if i add

connectToSortable: ".connectedSortable"

to draggable i get this strange error

TypeError: e(...).data(...) is undefined

and the code dosent work

i ve try to find a solution, if can help who will answer.

thhe code before is in a wpress teme. So i ve tryed all in a simply HTML JS page and the error now is

TypeError: $(...).data(...) is undefined

var o = $(this).data("ui-draggable").options;

in this code of jQuery UI - v1.10.3 - 2013-08-05

so i vtryed add a class ui-draggable to div but still dont work

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Put the connectToSortable in your draggable function.

jQuery Part:

     receive: function(event,ui){  

      connectToSortable: "#container",
      helper: "clone",
      revert: "invalid"

HTML Part:

  <div id="container"></div>
  <div id="element-container"></div>
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the question is if i add connectToSortable: ".connectedSortable" n draggable function still dont work – Il Profeta Profeta Aug 7 '13 at 17:42
@IlProfetaProfeta sorry for very late reply. If you have solved this, hope it help others. The connectToSortable: ".connectedSortable" should be put in your 2nd jQuery code, the $('#element-container').draggable({...}). Hope this will help. – Quzaimer Oct 17 '13 at 1:29

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