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I have a question on setting site URLs for staging and production deployments for an MVC 4 webrole project.

Lets say the cloudservice name was helloworld. When I create a staging deployment for the helloworld service, I need the URL to be something like staging.helloworld.cloudapp.net, and production/deployment to be helloworld.cloudapp.net

Is this possible? I didn't find any way in the cscfg file.

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As of today, it's not possible for you to specify a domain name for staging environment. This has been one of the most requested feature: http://www.mygreatwindowsazureidea.com/forums/169386-cloud-services-web-and-worker-role-/suggestions/1282603-pick-a-dns-name-for-staging.

As mentioned in the comments in the link and what I have seen in some of the threads on various community forums, a general recommendation would be to have a separate cloud service as your staging environment. You could then deploy your application in the production slot of that cloud service and get a DNS name for that.

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