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I have a C# application that performs multi-threaded inserts via the C# ThreadPool into MongoDB. However, I have been getting a TimeoutException: Timeout waiting for a MongoConnection. I'm using the MongoServer.RequestStart method, which should be releasing the connection back into the MongoClient connection pool.

Also, the threadpool has a minimum of 4 threads and maximum of 8, while the Mongo connection pool has a default of 100 connections, so I shouldn't be running out of connections.

So why am I getting this error?

Here's the method which is passed into the threadpool. _client is a MongoClient instance variable.

public void BatchInsert(string collectionName, BinaryPacketDocument[] documents, int batchSize) {
        MongoServer server = _client.GetServer();
        MongoDatabase database = server.GetDatabase(_databaseName);
        using (server.RequestStart(database)) {
            MongoCollection collection = database.GetCollection(collectionName);

And here's how I pass it into the threadpool.

private void SendWorkToThreadPool(string collectionName, BinaryPacketDocument[] documents, int batchSize) {
        if (documents.Length != 0) {
            ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(state => _inserter.BatchInsert(collectionName, documents, batchSize)); 
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Shit sucks try this

def main():
getDatabase = input("Enter data: ")
items = getDatabase.split()
list1 = [eval(x) in x]
list2 = []


upload list to server

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I realized that my thread pool was not actually being limited to 8 threads. If you pass in 0 as one of the arguments to ThreadPool.SetMax/Min threads, it will fail to set the max (but not explicitly).

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