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I have many galleries on a page which are launched from their respective buttons. I like the idea of defining the markup for the galleries in the page alongside the button and then hiding using the .mfp-hide. However I cannot get the popup to activate when I add the delegate keyword (it does otherwise).

Here is the code I have so far,


<div id="gallery1" class="mfp-hide">
  <div class="slide">
    ... some content for slide 1 ...
  <div class="slide">
    ... some content for slide 2 ...

<p>Blah blah <a href="#gallery1" class="open-gallery-link">view gallery one</a> blah blah ...</p>


  gallery: {
    enabled: true
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It doesn't work this way, delegate is always looking for children of target DOM element (in your case children of element .open-gallery-link).

You may just parse everything via jQuery and open gallery via API:

$('.open-gallery-link').click(function() {

  var items = [];
  $( $(this).attr('href') ).find('.slide').each(function() {
    items.push( {
      src: $(this) 
    } );

    gallery: {
      enabled: true 


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Ah thanks, that is brilliant. I reasoned that if the activating DOM element (i.e. the a element in this case) pointed to another element (e.g. through the href) the target DOM element would be substituted for the one referred to in the href attribute. Still this way works just great - thanks again and great plugin! – Brendan Aug 6 '13 at 11:23

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